The Challenges of Internal Business Operations

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

“Operations staff is overworked and complaining because Sales pressure to grow orders far exceeds the capacity of the staff required to fulfill them. No one seems to be looking at the big picture.”

“The new Sales VP is asking to change CRM systems because she’s more familiar with the one she used at her previous company. We’ve barely finished implementing the current one.”

“There doesn’t seem to be a way to identify everything that’s expected of my team. It depends on who you ask, and the list and priorities are always changing, whether it’s the daily stuff or the big projects.”

“There’s another team working in another department that’s producing almost exactly the same report, and the results are different!”

“All the key managers are so busy or unavailable that I can’t get any support for making a change.”

“The CTO is spending so much time with the product managers that we haven’t been able to sort out recent changes to the new engineering organization. It’s crazy!”

“I was happy to take the promotion, but it’s been pretty challenging figuring out how to manage the people who used to be my colleagues. And, some people still come directly to me for the things I used to do, and it’s taking a lot of my time to sort that out.”

“When I get back from time off from work to be with my family or do something for my community, it takes a lot of extra-long days to get caught up. I’d like to stay ahead of the work for a change.”

It’s perfectly natural to encounter challenges like this and feel unsupported, unprepared, overwhelmed or not empowered to handle them. Whether it’s technology, process, organization, or people, it’s difficult to keep up and to know which direction to turn.

A coach works with you to get clear on what’s really going on, to define the opportunities, and to find and implement options for you to successfully achieve them. A coach also helps you succeed as a leader by understanding how you and others are showing up and facing these challenges, and by shifting your own energy toward a positive outcome.