Finding the energy to make a change


Here’s a personal story about finding the energy to initiate a change.

I launched my practice as a leadership coach for internal business operations professionals. I was experienced in that area and I knew there was a need. But as time went on, I began to experience a “writer’s block” for blogging and noticed myself occasionally lagging in energy. I knew it was normal to have some bumps along the way but wondered if there was another way, if making a change would help.

Knowing that I am energized by learning, and following an intuitive hunch, I signed up for transition coaching training . As the coursework progressed, it dawned on me that change (transitions) had been a significant part of my professional and personal life, and that in fact most of my business experience was as a change leader in some form. I got very interested when I realized that I could focus on coaching change leaders, not just leaders.

Here’s the point: when I revealed that choice, I noticed (and everyone else around me noticed) that my energy increased dramatically. I was much more enthusiastic, more creative, more sustained. By better aligning my practice with something of significant value to me, I overcame a nagging resistance and gained access to energy which allowed me to make some key changes to my practice.

This is an example of identifying and accessing an energy resource – just one of the elements of COR.E Leadership Dynamics™, one of the approaches I use when coaching. There are other parts of the program, all designed to help you master your work and life.

Imagine what might be possible if you overcame your energy blocks and got access to all that energy!