Services take place in person (Boston area) or via phone, Skype, and Zoom.
If you don't see a service that might work better for you, contact me to see how we might find a way to work together.

Strategy Session

A great way for you to begin with me is with a free Strategy Session, to start forming a vision about how a coaching program fits your unique needs, goals, and vision. By the end of this max 30-minute session, you will know if you are ready to move forward.


Join with others on your team or with other like-minded professionals for interactive in-person workshops or webinars, for introductions to and other customizable explorations of Energy Leadership™, COR.E Leadership or Transition Dynamics™, Navigating Change, and Leading Change.

Getting Assessed


Find out what you don’t know. Take the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment and debrief. You experience your work and life with multiple levels of energy that are based on your history, your beliefs, and things happening around you, that influence your perceptions. Gain insight into yourself, often powerful and sometimes surprising. Discover how you are currently showing up. Learn about Energy Leadership™ and how energy levels they affect individual – and specifically, your – performance. Identify some areas of your work or life that might need some attention.

Leadership & Transition Coaching

Start or continue building a foundation of professional and personal mastery by working with me one-on-one. I apply coaching practices, COR.E Leadership Dynamics™, COR.E Transition Dynamics™, and my personal and business experience to partner with and challenge you in an individual customized coaching program.

Leadership and transition coaching are available in a 1-month “Get Started” package, and otherwise are fully customized.

Contact me to request or discuss any of these services.

Find out more about my experience and approach.

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