“I would highly recommend Al as a coach for individuals seeking insight into their own tendencies and how they can heighten their energy for success.”

After experiencing a major trauma in my work life (closure of my employer), Al spoke with me about the potential of engaging with the Energy Leadership Index as a means to help make sense of where my energy was landing. The ELI and, specifically with Al’s help in processing it, gave me excellent perspective on what was draining me and where I can focus on gaining positive and productive energy as I move forward with my next chapter in my professional identity. Al is kind, he listens, and he provides the client with a real perspective that he wants you to be able to not only manage change in your life, but also master the change. – Laura A. De Veau, M.Ed.

"Al's coaching allowed me to focus my energy leading to advancement in the company."

I reached out to Al for assistance during our company's pivot, which was a pretty tumultuous time. We underwent a number of changes and my role and responsibilities were shifting weekly. Al's coaching allowed me to see how I was using my energy in my work life and he taught me the techniques that allowed me to focus in the right direction. His coaching has furthered my growth with the company and I am forever thankful for his services.  - J.F.

"I felt that I had a real partner during the time we worked together."

I sought Al out when I needed help and focus reigniting my coaching business. He was a terrific listener, and held space for me to explore taking some risks that were uncomfortable for me. He always pointed out and pushed me when he felt that I was making excuses. He had such a supportive way of getting me to move through my blocks and discover a plan that would work for me, and he held me accountable to the plan. He had a great ability to connect with my experiences.  – S.W.

“Al Is Awesome!”

I met Al during my second MBA year at Harvard Business School when I was having serious confidence issues and uncertainty with regard to my career choice. He pushed me to take the time to think, and he was bold in challenging my thoughts. I learned some important things about myself that will help me now and in the future, and I regained focus on what I truly want to achieve in life. – G.K.