Perhaps something is off. You’re working more and getting less done. You’re seeing the view from your office so much more than the view from your favorite harborside restaurant. You’re going to sleep and waking up thinking about changes that are happening or need to happen. The staff who asked for a change you’re exploring are also finding every possible way to make it impossible to implement. Your business is changing so fast someone from the field calls in with an exception almost every day. Your manager says things must change but is tied up in meetings when you request his support.

These are symptoms of small and major business changes, of unrelenting changes to process, organization, and people, of requirements to “do more with less”, of ever-growing to-do lists, and of the introduction or changes to technologies and practices, in which you have a formal or informal role that involves sponsoring, leading, implementing, participating in, or adapting to a change.

These are also symptoms that you are experiencing a change, or a driving need or desire to make a change, in some aspect of your personal life, that impacts your ability to support and show up for your family, friends, community, or work.

It is perfectly natural, at some point, to feel unprepared, unsupported, overwhelmed or not empowered to get through, or even lead, change.

It is possible to navigate change, to succeed, to find peace, to balance your work and life, and to feel fulfilled. How different would it be if:

  • You could know in the moment what was stopping you (not anyone else, just you) and work through it?

  • You tapped into those unique qualities about you that get people to follow you and make change happen?

  • You explored and practiced a set of disciplines that help you manifest your best performance and potential?

Are you ready:

  • To accept the value of hearing other perspectives that you may not currently see, and hearing questions that you may not currently think (or want) to ask yourself, from a partner who holds open the space for you to be you?

  • To experience principles and a methodology based on how your awareness and understanding of the influences of internal and external energies can be utilized to evolve toward a mastery orientation, giving optimum performance in leading or responding to change?

  • To take you first steps toward mastery so you can navigate change?

There are many frameworks, approaches, philosophies, practices and definitions for “mastery”. The one I use is built from concepts from Energy Leadership™ and COR.E Dynamics™ by Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Here’s my interpretation:


Mastery is a state of being, a mindset, independent of a level of skill or experience. It’s a consequence of a high level of consciousness. It’s constantly evolving, based on the practice of key disciplines. It’s becoming continuously more competent, more skilled, and more proficient, and less concerned about outcome. It’s engaging at true current potential, and perform at peak, “in the zone”, present, and adept with internal and external energy. It’s fully integrating mind, body and spirit. It’s setting an example and inspiring others.


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